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Video Production & Storytelling

Alberta Health Services YAMHPAC Video

Co-created a promotional video for Alberta Health Services's Youth Addiction and Mental Health Provincial Advisory Council (YAMHPAC).


Collaborated alongside Youth Advisors to include their authentic voices, stories and vision of how they wanted the video to be produced. 

Anti-Racism Digital Story

Utilizing counter-storytelling, I chose to speak on my reality living as an Asian during COVID-19 through my involvement in Transforming the Field Education Landscape (TFEL) project

My digital story was showcased at TFEL's Field Summit on July 16 & 17, 2020. An audience member shared:

"Powerful story. I do hope that together we can find a resolution to the racism that dehumanizes the oppressor and from your story, not the oppressed. You have shown such strength and dignity."

- Lena Dominelli (thought leader in green social work, anti-racist practice and more). 

Calgary Foundation Jane's Walk

I created a series of videos to celebrate the anniversary of Jane's Walk hosted annually by the Calgary Foundation. I conducted interviews with experienced Walk Leaders, filmed and edited videos to share their knowledge and tips with aspiring Jane's Walk leaders. Calgary Foundation has promoted these videos on their social media and YouTube Channel

Co-Author of the book 'Love Yourself'

My chapter called Drawing Spaces, published by Revolutionaries focuses on three themes: collective care, counter-storytelling and rest as resistance. Using the practice of autoethnography I connect my own conceptualizations of reality to broader socio-political contexts and capture transformative experiences with my inner self, others, and society within the pages of my chapter.

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