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Research & Reports

Please note that this is not exhaustive. Reports for internal use were not included as well as reports for the government audience but can be discussed as requested.

Digital Storytelling Guidebook

The Digital Storytelling Guidebook was designed to provide students and educators knowledge, resources and skills to create their own digital story. Going through the process of digital storytelling myself, the guidebook is a practical tool for both educator and student.

As a co-author, I advocated for the inclusion of counter- storytelling and for critical race theory to be applied.

Access the Guidebook HERE

Digital Storytelling Guidebook.png

Calgary Foundation Neighbour Grants

20 Years, 20 Stories

To celebrate the many wonderful individuals who build their community up, I contributed to this publication by seeking out inspirational stories that grew from our Neighbour Grants. 

Grassroots change, dedication to one's community and the exploration of what it means to be home is illustrated within 20 stories. 

It is publicly available to read HERE


Momentum Neighbourhood Impact Research Report

I conducted 10 semi-structured interviews, and collected data from 63 total residents and non-residents in the community of Greater Forest Lawn and 25 total residents and non-residents in Northern Hills. Listening and learning from these individuals and communities were pivotal in the development of our programs and services. As the research & evaluation assistant, I prepared a report (knowledge dissemination) and developed a muti-step strategy. 

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